COVID-Safe Plans for Fly Fishing/Equipment

Pre-Trip Booking

  • Q/A on the Clients expectations
  • Where has the client been past weeks- traveling, out of the country or state.
  • Client health- any COVID-19 Symptoms?
  • Inform clients they are required to wear a mask during the trip and recommend bringing gloves.
  • Encourage them to bring their own water, bug spray, and sunscreen, but inform them that the guides will still have those items– Encourage them to bring their own water, insect spray, and sunscreen, but inform them that the guides will still have those items

On The Day

  • Set group up with appropriate social distancing when giving all briefings.
  • All adults and students to wear face masks in line with current Department of Health guidelines (students under 12, or who are Primary School students not required to wear masks as at 9/10/20)
  • Staff to be allocated one set of gear for their personal use throughout the session/day.
  • All participants/Clients to use hand sanitiser prior to the commencement of the session and throughout the day.
  • Clients are to supply and use their own drink bottle, or drink bottle supplied by is kept by the client.
  • When Fishing, clients are to maintain 1.5 meters distance from other anglers and staff.
  • The following actions are to be undertaken at the conclusion of each activity/day session:
  • All Fishing gear used are to be wiped down/sprayed with appropriate disinfectant (as supplied) paying particular attention to handle/grips, rod, line, and Flies. If waders are supplied, waders are washed with appropriate disinfectant and rinsed with clean water at the end of the day.
  • All Flies used can be given to the client at the end of the session /day (as supplied)

Lead instructor from Gippsland Fly Fishing is responsible for ensuring that the above plan is carried out as directed.

Gippsland fly fishing users GLEN 20 SPRAY DISINFECTANT TO SANITIZE all fly fishing  and other outdoor equipment.

Gippsland fly fishing is guided by the DHHS Victoria